Sunday, July 28, 2013

Do Your Research Before Saying Yes to Any College

Students and parents beware!

There are still colleges out there that don't serve the best interest of their paying students, regardless of color..  To safe guard against being cheated out of money and a quality education, students and families must do research on schools before signing on the dotted line.  If not, it could cost you big time, even if courts do step up to help you recover.

In a recent court decision, students in Virginia get needed help.

OFN-Jax is committed to supporting positive practices in education that help advance the learning and success of Black students and others to ensure their future success. One way to accomplish that, is to keep you informed of news you can use.

Phillip W. Miner
Obama Family Network of Jacksonville, FL (OFN-Jax)

Class action aimed at Va. college settled for $5m | Black Politics on the Web

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