Monday, July 29, 2013

GOP Message and the Black Community: It Ain't Real!

It's funny how mostly Black Republicans wax on and on about how the Republican Party is right for Blacks. I wonder if these Black Republicans wonder why that is?

Also, Republicans have no problem targeting Hispanics, who, historically have voted Democratic, albeit at lower percentages than Blacks. And remember, they seek the Hispanic vote even in the face of their Party's anti-Hispanic practices on immigration, the "dreamers", English as the official language, etc. But as Ms. Ross intimates, they won't openly unashamedly recruit Blacks - really!!??

It seems clear to me the Republicans will only actively seek out voters they value. They say they believe in "working hard for what you want". Well, if that's the measure, they surely don't want the Black vote.

I believe Ms. Ross does.  But I think she may not have the active support to do the outreach needed to change the mix.

Phillip W. Miner
Obama Family Network of Jacksonville, FL (OFN-Jax)

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