Thursday, December 16, 2010

Plan Ahead For 2011

We can't let Republicans win 2011 local elections across the country like they did in November 2010. Start planning NOW to win the many local races - school board, city/county council, mayor, chief cop, and others....join your local Democratic Executive Committee (or whatever the local Party organization is called) and then help build and implement campaign strategies to help local Democrat win local offices - ANY office. In Jacksonville, call 904-390-7001 or go to

Also, make sure to encourage friends and colleagues in your social/civic/professional organizations to get involved - your faith home; your professional societies and clubs; your workplace groups, etc...there's power in numbers.

I firmly believe Democrats have the right values, policies and practices needed to lead our country back to greatness. But, we can't lead if we don't win political races. And, we can't win unless we commit ourselves to support our Party and our Party candidates. We need All Hands On Deck to make it work...the environmentalist-Democrats; the right to life-Democrats; the faith community-Democrats; the progressive-Democrats; the anti war-Democrats; the big business/top 2%-Democrats, etc....All Hands On Deck!

My mantra for 2011 is: Back in it to WIN it!

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