Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stop the Republicans' Gift to the Wealthy

Once again the Repubilcans are positioned to help the wealthy and not help ease the fiscal crisis facing our Country.  The Administration's preference to lift the tax ban for the wealthiest 2-3% of Amricans is a resonable path to increasing revenues in the short run and minimizing pain for the middle and lower class citizens.  Besides, if "full employment" leaves 3 - 5 percent of Americans unemployment....why can't Republcans accept "tax-breaks for all" that leave out 2-3 percent of Americans -especially the wealthiest ones?  But to hold up government actions on other worthy issues facing the Country over tax breaks for the wealthy is just plain bad business - even if they see it as good politics!

Stand with the Democrats in the US House of Representatives!

Check out one article on the topic......

Back in it to WIN it!!

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