Saturday, September 4, 2010

Democrats Must Stay Focused on Party Candidates to Win In November

Florida Democrats - and Democrats elsewhere - must not find excuses to vote outside the Party in the Fall 2010 elections.  To do so is a sure formula to lose in November. 

If Democrats vote in Florida elections....Democrats can win!!

Recent news reports say some State House Democrats are pledging support for Charlie Crist - our Republican sitting Governor who left his party to run as an independent for the Florida US Senate seat.  Now, the GOP candidate for Governor, Rick Scott, has chosen an African American female as his running mate and talks suggest some Black Democrats will 'jump ship' and vote accordingly.  See the news story for more on this selection.

Anyway you slice it, a former Republican seeking the US Senate seat who can't or won't declare which Party he'll caucus with in DC and a Black female, Republican, Lt Governor candidate DO NOT DEMOCRATS MAKE!  In the case of Crist, how any Democratic Legislator can support him when he has not publicly committed to caucus with the Democratic Senators seems incredible. Nonetheless, they seem comfortable with the possibility of simply preserving a Republican Senate seat through their support of Crist.

Who knows what an African American female on the GOP ticket for Florida Governor and Lt Governor means.  However, the 2008 Presidential elections not withstanding, history tells us that Black Americans (regardless to Party affiliation) don't automatically or predictably vote "color"....just ask Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton Shirley Chisolm, Carol Mosley Braun or Alan Keys.  Each ran for US President and did not secure the Black vote.  It most likely will not happen in the Florida race for Governor either.

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