Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Does $9 Billion in Stimulus Money Get Florida?

Who says this President and his Administration has done nothing to help Florida during this economic slump?

ANSWER: Only the disingenuous and uninformed.

According to government records, since February 2009, Florida has been awarded $9.4 billion dollars.  $3.3 billion has been received.  Jobs reported by recipients totals 40,604.  If you want to see more details on the projects - even those in your neighborhood - click here.

If you want to know more about the plans to secure and spend the $6.1 billion not yet received; contact the Republican Governor and Republican Leadership in Tallahassee for answers.  Can you imagine all economic good and budget stretching this funding buys Florida?  ANSWER: Lots!

Yes, Democrats in Washington spend - but $9.4 billion of that spending is invested in Florida schools, roads, public service, public servants and more.  While the Republican Governor and Republican Leadership in Tallahassee were struggling over how to cut services to the citizens while preserving wealth for the rich, Democrats in Washington - helped by Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown and Congressman Kendrick Meek - were assisting President Obama fashion a stimulus bill to bail-out Florida.

So, who deserves your vote this November?  ANSWER: Democrats - right!

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