Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) Stopped in the Senate

If unhappy LGBT Democrats and others what a shot at repealing DADT in the next Congress - everyone better vote a full Democratic ballot on November 2.  If Democrats loose their 59 seat advantage in the US Senate, it will be nearly impossible to see how DADT will ever be passed. 

Click here for the full story on DADT in DiversityInc on-line.

So many other critical gains are also at stake if Democrats loose this Fall.  So, don't let it happen! I believe Democrats in Congress have learned their lesson - play well together or loose all together!  Let's give them one last chance to redeem themselves.  I think they're ready to do the people's business as we the people want it done.  And, only Democratic representatives in Congress can be counted on to deliver on Democratic goals.  Certainly not Republicans.

Fired Up - Ready  to WIN!!!

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