Sunday, September 5, 2010

News Anchors Must Be Honest Brokers of Facts

News anchors must do a better job in brokering facts.  If not, the American public can be easily mislead on the facts behind critical and sensitive issues facing our nation.  A misinformed public is a misinformed electorate and we can't afford to have a misinformed public going into the Fall 2010 election cycle.

For Democrats, we must recognize the broad-based accomplishments of this Administration,  From an historic effort to stop the economic hemoriging; passing responsible health care and financial reforms; extracting troops from Iraq and restarting face-to-face peace talks on the Middle East; much has been done - but much to do. At bottom, albeit slow and not perfect, we are moving in the right direction.  And most was accomplished WITHOUT REPUBLICAN SUPPORT. 

Don't let the Republican Party of NO increase their strength in the US Congress or maintain control in the State of Florida.  Vote the ENTIRE Democratic ballot in November. 

Fired UP - Ready to WIN!

The slow rate of employment growth is as much a result of business leaders deciding NOT TO HIRE as it is due to alleged challenges in national priorities and policies. Similarly, home mortgage modifications are slow because financial institutions - flush with money - are not approving modifications or loans to small businesses which are the economic engines in the American business sector.

But how are these bad practices and outcomes the sole responsibility of the Obama Administration?  Well, they aren't.  The fact is this Administration has worked tirelessly on multiple critical issues in its first two years.  Fox News this morning had guests that characterized the Obama stimulus and health care legislation passed as historically unparallelled accomplishments.  Other guests reminded listeners that the President has managed to appropriately connect the dots (foreign affairs, military actions and the domestic economy) in a series of decisions and proposed legislation to move the country forward.  Yet another guest acknowledged and underscored the heavy lifting this President and Administration has been doing for the past 18 month on peace in the Middle East.  Of course, other guests rejected each of these claims - but it wouldn't be good TV news theatre without disagreement.

But that's the problem - this isn't theatre it's real life.  Thus, news anchors, pundits and talking heads must commit themselves to informing the public through accurate reporting of facts not entertaining us or slanting the outcomes.  It's true the employment rate of grow this slow. But is also a fact that it's moving in the right direction, albeit slow.  But when you  move from loosing 750,000 jobs per month to growing even 61,000 in a thirty day period, that's movement in the right direction.  When media guests confirm Congress has passed multiple tax breaks for small businesses on this Presidnet's watch, then it's not accurate to suggest this Administration is anti small businesses or is coming late to the game of minimizing taxes on small businesses. 

When the bail-out money to select big-banks has been repayed plus interest, it's not accurate to suggest the American people got nothing for the bail-out investment.  But if these same banks with billions in cash on hand decide not to modify mortgages or make loans to small businesses, hold them accountable.  Get in their faces about changing their practices.  Remember, many Republicans and general Americans felt it inappropriate for the government to get involved with the day-to-day operation of American businesses.  Even the salary limits on senior bank officials driven by this Administration were met with opposition by some in Congress.

Don't change the leadership in Washington DC - change it in Tallahassee!

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